about ICATTO

ICATTO is an International Community for Advanced Technologies and Treatments in Ophthalmology. It is our vision that new answers may come from integrating basic sciences, such as mathematics, engineering and physics into ophthalmology. This will allow us to look at clinical questions from different angles. It is our mission to bring together an international community of scientists and clinicians to explore these angles and find a synthesis between all methods to treat and hopefully cure eye diseases.

In order to achieve this we organize a congress (first edition in 2015 and the next one is planned for 2018) that brings together these experts from various disciplines, including ophthalmologists, physicians, mathematicians, physicists and engineers. Secondly, we are engaged in a strong cooperation with the Journal for Modeling in Ophthalmology. The Journal for Modeling in Ophthalmology (JMO) was created with the aim of providing a forum for interdisciplinary approaches integrating mathematical and computational modeling techniques to address open problems in ophthalmology. JMO welcomes articles that use modeling techniques to investigate questions related to the anatomy, physiology and function of the eye in health and disease. Each year JMO will publish a special issue with the proceedings of the congress.