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MyGlaucoma, an App designed to improve patient compliance.

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The “Glaucoma Management System – MyGlaucoma APP” system , which is aimed at both Ophthalmologists and patients, has been designed to facilitate the treatment of glaucoma patients , encouraging compliance and allowing at the same time the glaucoma sufferer to have a normal lifestyle. Notifications regarding the timetable of the cure, the effect of the cure on the IOP (eye pressure) and the development of visual field defects by means of staging with GSS, arrive in real time on mobile phones, Tablets and Smart TV’s.


The project starts out with computerized patient files held at the Ophthalmologist’s practice (Glaucoma Management System© GMS, based on Microsoft Office Access and “Glaucoma Management System – MyGlaucoma APP”) which are two entities united on the Cloud combine to transfer the data. GMS is a complete electronic file for glaucoma and the principle eye diseases; a simply-worded, basic message for the patient which communicates the IOP, the progression of the damage with GSS with a notification about times to administer drops appears in real time on the mobile phones belonging to patients who have downloaded the MyGlaucoma App. The GMS digital file is equipped with a proven algorithm (Glaucoma Damage Probability Trend) which can predict the progression of the disease in sufficient time to allow the Ophthalmologist to make suitable clinical decisions. The way the MyGlaucoma App works is through linking of GMS and mobile phones using existing systems; for Android it is downloadable from Google Play Store and for Apple iPhone from iOS App Store.


The “Glaucoma Management System – MyGlaucoma APP” app is aimed at all glaucoma patients whose Oculists use GMS. These are middle-aged people who are getting more used to using new technologies like smartphones, Tablets and, for more elderly people, even Smart Televisions, so it is therefore easy to believe that over the next ten years the use of these devices will be practically universal. We used the App for six months with a 50 patient sample (28 with Android and 22 with Apple iOS) and never experienced any interruption of the service, with a high level of co-operation from the patients who entrusted themselves to the service of the experimental glaucoma centre.


The “Glaucoma Management System – MyGlaucoma APP” provides, in real time, a complete overview of the clinical and therapeutic situation of a patient and a constantly available forecast of the progression of the disease to the Ophthalmologist. Moreover it provides patients with a simple and effective way to manage their therapy and to monitor the variations in IOP and the progression of any damage.