ICATTG2015 brought together, for the first time, experts from various disciplines, including ophthalmologists, physicians, mathematicians, physicists and engineers, driven by the compelling need of understanding what causes glaucoma and how it can be treated.

Traditionally, the research has been focused on the analysis of data coming from experimental, clinical and population-based studies. However, each of these approaches is limited in what it can view. The limitation, even of the most advanced technologies that we have (for example OCT), is that it can only help us understand the disease process in what it measures. During ICATTG2015 we tried to come to a better understanding by integrating knowledge and tools from various disciplines. Curious to see the result? Check out all free materials below!

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ICATTG2015 Programbook

It’s possible to view and download the the programbook of ICATTG15 here.

ICATTG2015 Recap

We are very pleased with the number of responses and the quality of the feedback we received after ICATTG15. Thank you for that!
We’ve merged the information in a document which you can find here. You will find a brief summary of the speakers, sessions and discussions that took place in Milan; the results of the questionnaire and of course: the videos of all the sessions that were held.


Journal for Modeling in Ophthalmology

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Politecnico Milano