Dear visitor,

We are delighted to inform you about an exciting new congress. After a successful first edition that focused only on glaucoma (ICATTG2015), we’re very happy to announce new plans for a congress dedicated more broadly to ophthalmology in 2018 (ICATTO2018).

We are assembling an extraordinary group of international expert speakers and panelists, who will guide participants through lectures and facilitate in depth discussions focused on the most critical issues in the field of ophthalmology facing practitioners and researchers today.

We would like to invite you to join us in this thrilling adventure!


From ICATTG2015

ICATTG2015 brought together, for the first time, experts from various disciplines, including ophthalmologists, physicians, mathematicians, physicists and engineers, driven by the compelling need of understanding what causes glaucoma and how it can be treated.

Traditionally, the research has been focused on the analysis of data coming from experimental, clinical and population-based studies. However, each of these approaches is limited in what it can view.

The limitation, even of the most advanced technologies that we have (for example OCT), is that it can only help us understand the disease process in what it measures.

During ICATTG2015 we tried to come to a better understanding by integrating knowledge and tools from various disciplines. Curious to see the result?



ICATTG2015 stemmed from the vision that new answers may come from basic sciences, such as mathematics, engineering and physics. They look at clinical questions from different angles. Exploring these angles and finding a synthesis between all methods was a major achievement of ICATTG2015 and made it a one of a kind congress.

For the 2018 event we will broaden ICATTG into ICATTO; from Glaucoma to Ophthalmology.

This year we will broaden the scope of the congress to ophthalmology, to facilitate a clear dialogue between engineers and ophthalmologists on the different matters of the subject of ophthalmology.

As with ICATTG2015, we will bring together a mix of world class scientists and young researchers, during a period of three days at the Politecnico di Milano in Italy. Through a series of extensive talks by these scientists and researchers, the participants’ perspective on different aspects of ophthalmology will be broadened.